Welcome !


I would like to help clients who wish to communicate in English. I understand the expatriate experience, having spent years abroad and appreciate the importance of being able to speak in one’s native language about sensitive subjects.


There are many times in life when something unexpected happens and all the lessons we have previously learned are of little use. Fear, uncertainty and doubts paralyze us. We would like to talk confidentially with someone without being overwhelmed with advice, someone who offers us empathy, honesty and optimism. We find ourselves reflected in a mirror and encounter empathy for our feelings and acceptance for ourselves. Compassion and trust in the encounter allow us to get in touch with ourselves and find the best solutions for ourselves.


« A person becomes a self through encountering the other » Martin Buber


Your advantages :

  • talking therapy in your mother tongue
  • short waiting times
  • evening and weekend appointments
  • home visits
  • special rates for children, college students, people with lower incomes and in difficult social situations
  • We will decide together how many times we meet and how often we meet 
  • I will create a customized treatment plan for you which is based on scientific evidence 


I offer therapy for English speaking clients who wish to stay healthy or become healthier. I help clients struggling with depression, anxiety, addiction, etc. I also accompany clients as they make the transition from the clinic back into daily life at home. I can help family members with mentally ill loved ones understand the diagnosis and symptoms.


My clients for couples therapy are generally couples with one English-speaking partner and one German-speaking partner, in order to even out the playing field.  They discuss improving their relationships, and building trust, understanding and empathy. I introduce strategies to improve communication and argue constructively. Life events like marriage, parenthood, patchwork families, death, etc can be very stressful and overwhelming. The strategies that you used successfully in the past may fail you now. I can accompany you as you learn to accept the new situation and find new ways to solve your problems, so that you can face the future with confidence. Sexual intimacy is also an important topic.


Coaching is available in English for clients who wish to advance in their careers.  We will work in a goal-oriented fashion, examine your concrete problems and work on your resilience and resources, so that you will achieve more success at work.


I continue my professional development by attending lectures, teaching and supervising in German.


I’m looking forward to getting to know you and accompanying you for a while on the path towards self-discovery, increasing health and positive change.


Alternative practitioner for psychotherapy, Bachelor of Arts in economy